Business Survival Skills

4 Essential skills every business owner must have if they want their business to survive!

Businesses fail because they run out of cash. Thousands suffer this fate every year and the scary thing is, most businesses owners don’t even see it coming.

They don’t realise their business is in trouble until it’s too late and then they try to fix the wrong things. They double their efforts on their marketing, making sales and cutting costs – but this only makes things worse!

Think about that.

Doing more of the “right” things is actually wrong! 

So what should you do?

This four-part business survival series brought to you by solicitor David Walker shows you what you should be doing instead.

Here’s what you will learn …

Video 1 – How to spot a client in financial difficulties

The late payment problem is becoming an epidemic with catastrophic results. Doing business with clients in financial difficulties is dangerous because their problems can spread to you. In this video you will discover the five early warning signs to look out for so you can to avoid problem clients bringing you down with them.

Video 2 – The real reasons businesses fail

Cash is like oxygen for your business. Without it, it wont survive. Ensure your business has enough oxygen by avoiding negative cash flow and identifying the three sources of income in your business needs (hint - sales is just one)

Video 3 – The 5 best choices to make when a client owes you money

When a client owes you money there are many things you could do. But not all of them are the most productive uses of your time and resources. In this video David shares the best five things you can do to get your outstanding invoices paid, explaining the circumstances in which each option works best.

Video 4 – Negotiation essentials

There’s no black art to negotiations. Instead there’s a formula which you can use to predictably and repeatedly get the best result in any negotiations you have. This video gives you that formula and explains how David uses it to recover the maximum amount of money for his clients when settling disputes.


Businesses rarely fail because of a bad idea or through a lack of customers. More often than not, they fail because they run out of cash.

If you don’t want your business to join the 55% of SME’s that fail to survive five years or the 91% who fail to survive ten, this video series is essential viewing for you.

Sign up today and as with all of our products, this video series comes with a 30-day, full money back guarantee. Watch all the videos and if you’re not happy with them for any reason, simply ask for your money back.

Business Survival Skills

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