Litigation Skills - Essential Skills To Win In Court And Business

You don't need the best case to win in court. You need a combination of the best preparation and performance.

This is good news because this is what you have most control over. 

This four-part video series has been designed to accompany Cash Flow Rescue and give you the best chance of recovering your unpaid invoices and winning in court.

What’s included? 

Litigation Skills covers five essential topics:

Video 1 – Preparation and dealing with solicitors

Video 2 – Communication skills

Video 3 – Negotiation

Video 4 – Advocacy, the art of presenting your case in court


The more prepared you are to go to court, the less likely you will have to go there. Video 1 shows you how to keep the upper hand in any legal proceedings so your client is always on the back foot and struggling to keep up.

I also share some insider knowledge that the legal profession will hate me for – I show you how you can effectively get your client’s solicitor to work against them, giving you an extra advantage!

Effective communication is a dying art. When you’re writing to or speaking with a client who owes you money you need to reduce and resolve conflicts and eliminate excuses for not paying. So, you need to think carefully about what you say, when and how you say it. Video 2 shows you how.

97% of all legal disputes over money are settled by negotiation before you get to court. So, you need to know my 5 stage strategy for approaching negotiations and getting the best possible result. All of this is covered in video 3.

Advocacy is the art of presenting your case in court but video 4 isn’t about giving an award winning performance! In fact, that would probably lose you your case! Most claims for unpaid invoices are dealt with in the small claims court where time is short. This video is about making the most of the time available. It shows you how to present the essential facts of your case in the most convincing way so a judge orders your client to pay what is owed.

Skills you can apply in all areas of your business

You may not automatically think that the skills you use to recover an unpaid invoice can be applied to improve other areas of your business – but they can!

We all know copywriting is an essential skill for marketers, but in reality this is just the art of communication. The skills you use to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities in your legal letters and documents will actually make your marketing materials more compelling.

Think about negotiation skills – there’s no tougher opponent than someone who’s trying to avoid paying you money. Use these tactics to drive a harder bargain with your suppliers, increasing your profit margins and putting more cash in your pocket!

And we’ve all pitched an idea for a new product or service to a sceptical board of directors, haven’t we. Well, this is much the same as presenting your case to a judge. You can use your advocacy skills to get your points across and persuade your colleagues to come round to your way of thinking.

Ready to give it a go? 

Litigation Skills comes with a 30-day full money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Sign up today, watch all the videos and if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with them, simply ask for your money back.

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