Cash Flow Rescue eBook - The Complete DIY Debt Recovery Solution For Small Businesses

Don't struggle with slow paying clients any longer.

Start getting paid the money you're owed, TODAY, using this easy to follow, step-by-step solution.

Cash Flow Rescue is a proven 6 stage formula for getting your outstanding invoices paid faster, without spending a penny on legal fees.

In this book, solicitor David Walker takes you step by step through the process of recovering your unpaid invoices. You will discover:

·       The 5 options you have when faced with an unpaid invoice or slow paying client;

·       How to take legal action, either through the courts or by issuing a statutory demand;

·       The secret formula for negotiating the best settlement of a dispute, every time;

·       How to improve your systems to prevent the same problems recurring time and time again; and

·       Much, much more

You don’t need any legal training or prior experience to successfully recover your unpaid invoices. All you need to do is follow the tactics and strategies outlined in this book.

Plus, you will find out how to access free resources worth over £100 so you can get paid even faster.


Cash Flow Rescue eBook


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